Bogota and its “Museo del Oro”: Cosmology and Symbolism

In this post, we´ll share with you one of the most interesting and enriching experiences we have had in relation to our “visits.” We invite you to learn about the mythical themes and symbols of some pieces from the pre-Hispanic and colonial times which are in the Museo del Oro in Bogotá, where we had […]

The colonial heritage bathes Santander Department

From San Gil, you can go very easily to Barichara, Guane, Curi and many beautiful colonial towns in the surroundings, all influenced in their constructions, gastronomy and customs by the influx of Spanish, German, Danish, English, Irish, and Jewish immigrants who came at the end of the 19th century. In Guane’s dialect, Barichara means ‘place […]

A day with a family from the Wayuu indigeneous Community

In Palomino we met a family from Valledupar (3h drive south from Riohacha). Them; Gloria, Fer and Maria del Mar, kindly drove us to Riohacha, which was our next destination. We wanted to visit the Sanctuary of the Flamingos, which we thought was beautiful, and Gloria, gave us the contact of a Wayuu guide that […]