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Some of you are probably wondering why we chose as logo a lama. Well, this lovely animal, in addition of being very representative of South America, is as well the prefect illustration of a previous hairstyle that lead Mauri to give me the nickname of “la llama que llama” litteraly ” the calling lama”…

So, the calling llama is me. Diane, born in Lyon, cradle of best French Cuisine. I’m the cook of the team. Therefore in this blog, I’d like to make you enjoy my food discoveries as if you were by my side tasting it.

Graduated from Vatel Hospitality Business School, I have been travelling a lot thanks to my job which is a as well my passion. Working in Hospitality is the perfect way of travelling while working.

I’ve visited many places and lived ion some such as Ireland, Spain, Belgium, Russia. All those wonderful experiences gave me an insatiable appetite for travels. Each person I met along my way taught me something, and each place I discovered made me grow. I think that get to know another culture and different habits is essential to our understanding of others and their thinking.

After spending almost 2 years in Mallorca working, I decided to let everyhting behind and begin a never ending trip with first stop in South America, with Mauri, my travel and life partner.

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Here’s Mauri. From Argentina, Punta Alta, the city that has been elected the best quality of life in Argentina in 2008.

I started traveling as grown up, even though I always wanted it as a little boy. I love meeting people from other culture, observing them, comparing me to them and see what they have t offer to help me being a better and more complete human being, more open minded, empathic with the world, and meet (or search), the best version of myself that myself could create.

I worked a lot, and in many fields.


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